Food is awesome!

Food is awesome!
Food is awesome! (photos on this blog are borrowed from the interweb, friends, and/or are personal shots)

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Tony's Market, 02131

Out and about on this glorious June morning getting my daily Dunks fix.  Iced, milk, one sugar.  You know.  As I have a few times before, I decided to pop into Tony's Market on Washington Street in  Roslindale.

Over the years, I have become a big fan of supporting local businesses.  It is important to have a community type feeling and what better to center around than...FOOD.

Something came over me urging me to get an Italian sub with everything.  I love me an Italian with everything.  And when I get a food desire, it needs to come to fruition.

Tony, himself greeted me with a warm welcome.  I ordered my sub and we started chatting.  Tony has been in business for over fifty years.  He proudly pointed out his framed picture of his original shop in East Dedham (my hometown).  Then from Dedham, he moved to Roslindale Square where his meat market became the hidden gem of the neighborhood/city.  Now his Italian specialty shop is on Washington Street.

Tony artfully made my sangie as he inquired how long I have lived in Roslindale.  Also, we talked about how many local restaurants feature his famous sausage and other products.  Sophia's, 753 South, and the Squealing Pig to name a few.

Good.  To.   Know.

As we continued to chat, I perused the shelves and glass case of delicious treats.  Pizzelles, Nutella, breads, cookies, and don't forget about all the fresh MEAT.  Lamb, pork, steaks, EVERYTHING!  The bread is beyond fresh and the sub ingredients only the best.  Oh and the little fridge holds the most scrumptious ready to cook chicken cutlets, eggplant, meatballs, and more!

I had to admit to Tony that I have yet to enjoy one of his homemade Italians sausages so I added two to my order.  Can't wait for the hubs to grill them up.

If you are in the area and appreciate great customer service, fresh and delicious Italian yumminess, head on into Tony's.  You will not  be disappointed.

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