Food is awesome!

Food is awesome!
Food is awesome! (photos on this blog are borrowed from the interweb, friends, and/or are personal shots)

Monday, February 20, 2017

Pier 6, Charlestown Navy Yard

Happy (super late)  New Years to all of you left out there that actually read my entries!  It's never too late to wish happiness and prosperity on anyone.    Cheers!

This past weekend we celebrated birthday festivities for mi madre!  Yes, another year has passed us right on by.  2017 is here!  Dang.

Last year her choice was The Top of the Hub for (if you can believe this) their mini hot dogs.  Ha!  But just an fyi, they are actually pretty tasty.  This year we enjoyed a lovely brunch at Pier 6 (  in the Navy Yard in Charlestown.  It was a fantastic sunny, bright Sunday but a bit too cold to dine al fresco.  Though we had the panoramic views of the ocean and historic C-town which were outstanding from our cozy corner table.  The room's constructed of windows from floor to ceiling and the building is positioned on the pier as if to give a feeling of being right on the water. And just a tidbit,  it was formerly known  as Tavern on the Water.

Through the second floor entrance we met the hostess who greeted us with a huge smile and our table was immediately ready per our reservation.  The bar area is on the smaller side.  Metallic high tops filled that room with a step down into a smaller dining area.  The whole staff was friendly and efficient.  Music was blaring popular tunes including Adel, one of mi madre's faves which was pretty neat.

We each ordered a libation.  Mi madre went with sangria filled with fresh fruit, the hubs opted for an OAKTOBER SMASH-Absolut Oak-lemon, mint, simple, my bro and I for the Manmosa-oj, champagne, Ketel orange vodka, and bro's girlfriend chose a Bloody Mary stacked with veggies.  Coffee was had by most and several more unique beverages including a Cider Mule and a Hottie Toddy were had throughout our meal.  

Of course I had to get a starter of fried pickles because I LOVE PICKLES!  They were average, a bit salty.  For our main brunch lunch, mi madre and I went for the Banana Split French Toast made with caramelized bananas, fresh strawberries, whipped cream and Vermont syrup.  Added a side of the best cooked bacon evah and boom goes the dynamite.  So YUMMY!  My hubs went for the Lobster and Spinach omelet which was filled with a whole lobster tail with Bearnaise sauce drizzled on top.  It was accompanied by home fries and a grilled  English muffin.  He thoroughly enjoyed every last morsel.  My bro ordered the Hanger Steak and Eggs, poached eggs with tarragon Bearnaise sauce which also came with home fries and an English muffin.  The steak was cooked to perfection.  Melted in your mouth.  My bro's girlfriend had the Huevos Rancheros which I didn't sample but looked awesome.  Black beans, rice, fresh salsa, fried eggs, tortilla .  Muy Bueno!!

The portions were on the larger side and we all put a good effort into dogging our selections.  The food was so delicious and the view amazing.  A wonderful afternoon was had by all.  Day drinking is the bomb.  Haha!!!!

Cherish each passing year with your family and friends and enjoy every bite!  Life is too short!!